ISP Failover Cisco IOS Router

Cisco ISP Failover IOS Router. Today I figured out I had a problem.  With a tracking on the router with 2 ISP connections. After some trouble shooting I found the problem. And fixed it with the configuration below. Number of the track.  So you can see which track is related to the default route. track 10 ip … Continue reading ISP Failover Cisco IOS Router


Disable wireless interface on the router during the night.

below A use full script to disable your wireless internface during the night. Me and my colleague are testing if we can use this also for a fallback and if we found that I will publissed that one. event manager environment _disable_ifname dot11radio0 ! event manager applet DisableInterface event timer cron name DisableInterface cron-entry "0 … Continue reading Disable wireless interface on the router during the night.

Cisco Router High CPU Usage notification

Some may experience that their router couple be run on full load ( cpu usage for serveral seconds / minutes ) Below you see a command applet which i found on the blog Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks resource policy policy HighGlobalCPU global system cpu total critical rising 95 falling 70 interval 10 major rising … Continue reading Cisco Router High CPU Usage notification

Cisco Router logging basic

Since a couple of weeks i use some new logging features on the router. See here below. and probably it is possible. You a reader may have some additional features for logging. Which I like and hope to get known. service pt-vty-logging logging message-counter syslog logging buffered 51200 informational login block-for 300 attempts 5 within … Continue reading Cisco Router logging basic