HP | Java App block after update on switch web page

When I upgraded to the latest JAVA version 8.25 I figured out that I was unable to view the switch information via the web browsers. I received the following warning

To solve this issue you have to do the following.

Go to the Java Configuration Console

Go to Security

Go to Edit Site List

Add the ip address of the switch to the Exception Site list and press on OK

You get the warning as above. Click on Continue.

Click on oke to close the window

You will receive the following message

Click on Run

You will be able to view the website of the switch in the browser without any further messages


4 thoughts on “HP | Java App block after update on switch web page

  1. Java jas recently been updated and there is no medium option any more. There’s only high and very high. Any other ideas? I’m kind of stuck.

      • Can i make an exception for all my switches in the entire organization? I have more than 500 procureves in my organization. Everytime i need to access one, i have to make a security exception, and restart my brower. Reaaaally tedious work.

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