HP A5120 Switch | DHCP Relay

How to configure DHCP Relay on a HP A5120 switch.

To do this you need to go in the system-view of the switch. As followed you need to configured the DHCP Option in the switch. You can do this by:

 dhcp enable

Now you need to configure a Server-group where you configure the DHCP server where the clients can find their addresses.

 dhcp relay server-group 0 ip <server ip address>

Configure some vlans if you don’t have some.

vlan 1 
 igmp-snooping enable 
vlan 2 
 name Wi-Fi 
vlan 3 
 name Management 
interface Vlan-interface1 
 ip address xxx.xxx.xx1.249 
interface Vlan-interface2 
 ip address xxx.xxx.xx2.249

You need to specify the following commands to enable the dhcp relay on the vlan interface.

 dhcp select relay
 dhcp relay server-select 0

After this you can configure your DHCP server with the correct addresses for the created vlan. Which should archive an IP address from the server.


2 thoughts on “HP A5120 Switch | DHCP Relay

  1. Let say i have 2 DHCP servers which i will used for 2 subnets in the same vlan
    dhcp relay server-group 3 ip a.a.a.a
    dhcp relay server-group 4 ip b.b.b.b

    My current config for the existing subnet as below:-
    interface Vlan-interface101
    description OFFICE
    ip address x.x.x.1
    ospf cost 10
    dhcp select relay
    dhcp relay server-select 4
    igmp enable
    igmp version 3
    pim sm

    so my plan is to add new subnet y.y.y.0/24 in the same vlan 101 but it will lease ip from server group 3.
    Is this possible? and do you have any idea how my config should looks like.

    • For as I know this isn’t possible you should create a new vlan. You can only have 1 DHCP server on a subnet.
      if you are creating a new domain in the same subnet you can install this but you have to transfer the DHCP role to a new server in the new domain. I hope this helps.

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