HP Procurve switches and the use of auto-stacking

Some of the readers will probably already know that the HP Procurve switch lines has an stacking command to add new switches into the stacking group.

The only thing you will need is that one of the switches is the Stack Commander. To configure a switch as stack commander. you will need the first command from below.

stack commander "Companyname or switchnames"
stack auto-grab

The stack auto-grab command is the command that you can use for adding switches automatically into the stacking group. A switch get a name from the stack commander. This is the name at the command:

stack commander "Switch(+number)"

I figured out that the switch doesn’t get only the switch-name + a number. But also some security commands. Like a username and password for operation mode.

The command’s below are also added automatically.

hostname "Switchname+number" 
snmp-server contact "same-as-in-commander" 
snmp-server location "same-as-in-commande" 
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted 

This is the only informaition at the moment that I know. But if you have some more information to add please command. And maybe I’ll find some more information to add to this post.


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