Cisco IOS router + Cisco Catalyst automatic configuration Backup

Today I was figuring out how to get an automatic backup of the configuration of a cisco router device. After some searching I found a Cisco Document. ( click here )

In this document was written how to create an automatic backup. What do you need to create this backup.

  1. A computer or server with an FTP or TFTP server installed on it.
  2. a static ip address for this device.
  3. A cisco router of catalyst switch.

how to configure.

Go to the configuration terminal mode.
Type ” KRON POLICYLIST” give this map a name like ” BACKUP
Type clioutput command like below in the picture

After you made the “Policy-List”  you have to create an occurrence schedule
Tis list you can create with the command “KRON OCCURRENCE “backup-schedule-name” at <time> <date> one time or recuring”  like in the picture above.

After this you have to point to the backup policy-list otherwise your kron backup schedule doesn’t work.

This is tested and worked. ( only one disadvantage is that it overwrites to old file and don’t create a new file with time and date. )


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