Issues during an installation or migration exchange 2003 to exchange 2010.

After today i understand an recognized some important things which you shouldn’t do during an installation or migration of Microsoft exchange 2010.

1. the first time i got some issues where. That I had 4 domian controllers and and exchange 2003 server migrating to an exchange 2010 server. during this installation i switched like 4 times of domain catalog servers. ( this is something what exchange 2010 doesn’t like. )
2. Second time ( today ) i recognized the problem of migrating mail & public folders to the new server. A colleague demoted the old domain controller. ( on note both exchange servers where located in 2 different networks but where part of the same domain. ) The public folder replication disturbed and won’t replicate any more. Well for this moment. And we don’t know how to solve probably the hard way. AdSIedit.

Well when more info or issues remain. i probably post it. even today i discovered some cool powershell features with exchange 2010.


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