p2v migration good. Issues installation VMware tools

Yesterday I migrated for my first time a hardware server to a virtual server in VMWare Esxi 4.0 update 1. I used theP2V tool to complete this migration. P2V migration went very good no issues.

Well the server I was migrating from hardware to virtual was an HP Proliant ML370 G3  server. After the P2V migrationi started the VMware server and i wanted to install the VMware tools. During this installation it took so many time to complete that I had to kill some installation processes.

Well no I have found for my self an easy list as check-list to use for a p2v migration.

  1. start a cold clone with the p2v-cd on the server you want to migrate.
  2. check the IP address if you got a dynamic ip or you need a static IP address.
  3. start a new task ( no automatic installation of VMware tools )
  4. wait till the migration is finished.
  5. shut down the old server
  6. check on the Esx server the virtual server you just cloned.
  7. logon to the server ( ctrl+alt+ins)
  8. right-click on “computer”
  9. select services
  10. disable all services of the manufacture ( HP / DELL / IBM )
  11. install the VMware tools

Now you have to follow the next steps to complete the reconfiguration of the server

First – Remove Old Physical Hardware from the New Windows VM (picture shows “grayed” disk drives)

  1. Log into the VM
  2. Open a command prompt
    –    Start > Run
    –    CMD
    –    Enter
  3. At the prompt type: set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
    –    Enter
    –    Type: start devmgmt.msc
    –    Enter
  4. Wait for the Device Manager to open, then click on View > Show Hidden Devices
    – Expand each category and search for “grayed” hardware
    – Right click and click uninstall when “grayed” hardware is located
    – Don’t worry about the System Devices category
    – When all the hardware devices are gone, close the Device Manager and reboot

Second – Uninstall Old Hardware Specific Software

  1. Log into the VM
  2. Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
  3. Carefully find and uninstall programs from IBM/Dell/HP/other that are used for drive arrays, networking, ILO or any other similar application that is specific to the physical hardware. Note: These items are not required now that the server hardware has been virtualized.
  4. Done – When all the applications have been uninstalled, close the Control Panel and reboot

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