Cisco UC520 connection to Unit 4 Multivers

This article goes about the Connection between a Cisco UC 520 and Unit 4 Multivers. Used with a very handy software program. Which was be found by my colleague at work found. And I used it today for testing.

The program called Telefoon Assistent Lite ( Dutch program ) of the developers of
The program is suitable with Unit 4 Multivers ( Financal administrative program. )

Incoming Call

Incoming Call

I have test this program with a Cisco unified Call Manager ( The UC 520 ), Unitf 4 multivers and the Cisco Unified Call Manager TSP. Which i had already. I can’t remember if i had it with the Call Manager 6 of downloaded from the internet at the cisco site.

I configured on the UC 520 a Extension Mobility user which I used to configure the Cisco TSP ( Tapi connector in windows )

Program’s needed and and hardware
– UC 520 version
– Few Ip phones ( e.a. 7942 / 7962 )

– Telefoon Assistent lite ( Telephony Assistent Lite )  ( )
– Cisco UC TSP ( Tapi Connector for windows ) ( which you can find at the download site of cisco ) ( * you need a CCO account )
– Unit 4 Multivers ( latest version )
– Windows based computer ( Tested on a Windows XP Professional with SP2 )

We tested it and it worked. ( Earlier this year my employer had a reaction of Cisco NL that a TSP didn’t worked on a UC 520. Unfortunally in the mean while it may be fixed by cisco or the were wrong )

If you need help with this sollution please do not hesitate to contact me.


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