How to solve remote support with vpn problems

How to resolve remote support VPN problems.

This issue did i find several weeks ago. That i had to support some clients remote. During this remote support activity i reconized that my local lan connaction was disabled so i couldn’t use my local internet connection to search on the net. After some testings it was maybe the access-lists but for some clients it wasn’t

I solved this problem thru

  1. Installating a VMware Server 1.06 on my laptop.
  2. Created a virtual machine ( windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 UK )
  3. I installed in this machine. Cisco VPN Client ( Latest version )
  4. I installed SecureCRT version 6.x
  5. I tested a VPN Profile who had the problem for losing the local network connection.
  6. Test was okay. I could use on my own laptop all functionallities ( like email / internet / lan searching. ) and in the Virtual Machine i could give remote support to my client.

I hope this helps. For you if you need to support yiour clients or friends


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